Trying to “time the market” is not a strategy – it is often speculation… Image: The Property Tribune.
  • Perfecting timing for investors to determine their goals
  • Time in the market over-rides timing the market
  • Property investment must always be a long-term strategy

What is a reveille?

A reveille was originally a drum beat, but is also played on bugles, pipes, and trumpets to wake up sleeping soldiers and prepare them for the day ahead – and continues to be used in contemporary military ceremonies, at funerals, and in barracks around the country.

So, you can think of a reveille as a kind of ‘wake up call’ or an ‘alarm clock’ for you to begin your journey in 2022.

Time to think ahead

As we head into the first weeks of a new property year, the timing is perfect for all property buyers to consider what their reveille will be for 2022.

That is: what is it that you as a current or prospective property investor want to achieve this year?

Of course, the answer to that question will be unique to every person, because of a number of variables, including your age.

However, regardless of whether you are in your 20s or your 50s, there is always something that can be done to create a more comfortable, and more secure, financial future.

That’s why we truly believe that you must listen to your own reveille to wake up and begin – or continue – your property investment journey.

One of the simplest ways to start is by understanding that it doesn’t really matter what the market is doing when you decide to forge ahead as a property investor.

The caveat to that statement is that we never recommend buying in locations where property prices are depressed and are likely to stay that way for a long time because of an underwhelming economy – and we never, ever overpay for a property emotionally.

Rather, if you’re considering buying in a strategic location, like a city or a major regional area, trying to “time the market” is not a strategy – it is often speculation, unless you have the experience to recognise future capital growth before anyone else does.

For example, while many people were worried about what might happen to property prices in the middle of 2020, we were purchasing property in select areas around the nation.

The lack of competition from other buyers at the time meant that we secured some amazing deals for our clients at the right time.

Time in the market

Fast forward to now, and those properties have generally increased in value significantly because of the booming market conditions that followed not long after we helped to purchase those assets for our clients.

However, even with market conditions so strong over the past year, in particular, we have continued to actively buy properties.

The reason we did so is because we recognise that property investment is a long-term strategy, which means it’s the results you will achieve over the decades that matter the most.

With this in mind, then, this year is forecast to see some moderation in market conditions, but with property prices still set to strengthen further.

Aside from some silly prices that overly emotional buyers are paying, most strategic property buyers are likely to experience upward price pressure on their properties or portfolios this year and for the years after, too.

Plus, when you look back at the prices that you paid in 2021, or in 2022, you will be relieved that your reveille woke you up to the possibilities of property investment as a way to vastly improve your finance future.


Disclaimer: This article contains general information and should at no time be considered financial advice to the reader. The reader should always verify their situation with their financial advisors before taken any further steps. 

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