Hay St closure
Hay Street closed down. Photo – The Property Tribune
  • Hay Street to reopen one lane of traffic at 5pm this afternoon
  • The closure was due to a report of the 'imminent collapse' of a building on the street
  • Some local retailers told The Property Tribune business has been harder as a result

West Australian council, the City of Subiaco, has announced the five-week closure of Hay Street will end today. It had been shut last month due to a report of the potential “imminent collapse” of a building on the north side of the road.

The 2-lane one-way thoroughfare through one of Perth’s more popular retail strips has been completely closed to car traffic and parking for a 100-metre stretch east of the Hay Street and Rokeby Road corner. The iconic Subiaco Hotel and Regal Theatre both look down on the crossing.

Though not a complete reopening, the local commercial district should expect to see some traffic down the street as of tonight and from tomorrow.

No doubt this will be good news and some relief for local business owners, commuters and the local council.

Local Retailers

Owner of Baguette Me Not, Luanne Balaba, told The Property Tribune that she’s hopeful the road would open today.

Luanne Balaba
Luanne Balaba, Baguette Me Not. Photo – The Property Tribune.

Subi.Hairdressing’s Cedric agreed, telling The Property Tribune he hadn’t seen any guidelines about when the street would reopen.

Food and beverage saw some regulars in the area walk-in from nearby offices, but others like teeth alignment business Clearfy said “There are walk-bys for food, but for our business, there isn’t any traffic at all.”

Some local business has closed for the time being
Some local business has closed for the time being. Photo – The Property Tribune.

City of Subiaco’s response

The issue of reduced foot traffic is being dealt with by way of a promotional campaign.

In response to questions from The Property Tribune, The City of Subiaco said:

“… the City is taking steps to support impacted businesses. We have developed an extensive promotional campaign to help direct foot traffic down this part of Hay Street and activate the precinct.”

Cliff Frewing, Acting CEO of City of Subiaco

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