VTA’s new insights portal. Image – website.
  • Virtual Tours Australia has released its new 'insights portal'
  • This allows sellers and landlords to see who has seen the property online
  • Last month, the company won best proptech startup in sales and marketing

Fresh from its win last month as best proptech in the sales and marketing category (Australian Proptech Awards), Brisbane-based Virtual Tours Australia (VTA) has today launched its new ‘insights portal’.

Starting out in 2020, VTA – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Little Hinges – claims to be Australia’s largest 3D virtual tours company and with this new release the company is looking to win the ‘virtual inspections’ race.

“For many agents, virtual tours are a trust exercise. They know that they’re useful and are delivering anecdotal results in terms of delivering more buyers or tenants however up until now, they haven’t been able to quantify and analyse that interest.”

Josh Callaghan, CEO of Little Hinges and Virtual Tours Australia

For this reason, it’s been difficult for virtual tour providers to convince some sellers, agents or landlords to adopt the tool, said Mr Callaghan. He hopes that, with this release, this will change.

“For the first time, agents and property managers [will be able to] clearly demonstrate the value of a virtual tour done with us by showing their clients how many interstate and overseas investors are coming through their property and how many are coming back multiple times or spending time in the tour,” he said.

Having onboarded more than 200 new real estate agents in the past few months, the company is hoping they can grow the overall market for virtual tours.

“Only people really interested in the property are going to spend a few minutes clicking through a virtual tour, so we know that the insights that we can deliver in our portal are the most important insights in relation to the outcome of the sale or lease.”


Visitor Map

Visitor Map
Source: Supplied

Each pin represents a unique visitor to the virtual tour. Users can zoom in and out of the map and see the locations of engaged visitors and repeat visitors.

Property Heatmap

Users can view an overhead map of the property with the ability to toggle between which areas have had the most clicks, or which ones have had the longest ‘dwell time’.

Property Heatmap
Source Supplied.

Visitor Traffic

Agents can also see the popularity of the property over time, providing important insights on when to make campaign adjustments or push for offers or applications.

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