The Scalable Agent
To be scalable is to handle a growing amount of work by adding resources to the system. Image – Canva
  • Real estate agents and property buyers have significant tech and information available
  • A new e-book explains how real estate can become 'scalable'
  • Advice: gather and use data, invest in systems, generate leads and keep learning

One of the major trends of the past few decades has been the increasing reliance we all have on the internet.

Could you imagine being able to work from home in lockdown conditions without it?

As in many industries, the impact of this new technology has been deep and profound in real estate. Buyers now check out agents and properties online, well before making physical contact.

Home seekers come armed with much more information than they previously had access to. This has been both a good and not so good thing. Too much information for the uninitiated can often be a bad thing.

For the busy agent trying to keep up with the game – let alone get ahead of it – times are tough. The most successful agents will probably be those that can blend good old fashioned, personal customer service with the latest, most appropriate technology. Not for technology’s sake, but in order to better serve their clients.

In help clarify matters, and sort the good technology strategies from the bad, Active Pipe’s Kylie Davis has written a new e-book: The Scalable Agent: List & Sell More with Modern Real Estate Marketing.

Scalable Agent ebook
Scalable Agent ebook, from Kylie Davis. Source – ActivePipe.

The e-book aims to help agents, principals and marketers to understand how digital and traditional marketing should work together. It also shows agencies how to tighten their marketing strategies to stop leads slipping through the cracks.

The Scalable Agent aims to reignite the focus of modern real estate agencies,” Kylie Davis said.

“The ebook provides a step-by-step guide that agencies can use to set up high-quality marketing, and embrace the suite of innovative technologies available to make marketing scalable so agents can focus on selling and delivering premium customer service to their entire client base.”

“By working smarter with sound and robust marketing strategies, agents can use their time more efficiently in listing presentations, meeting with vendors, following up hot leads, and of course, selling property.”

How to be a scalable agent

Kylie has three pieces of advice to agents and owners who are set to embark on another year of real estate selling:

  1. It’s not digital marketing or traditional marketing anymore. It’s all marketing. If you don’t have the time or understanding to do it, bring someone onto your team who can and be prepared to learn from them.
  2. All marketing is about generating leads. When you have gaps in your marketing processes, you lose leads. So ensure your marketing support person has the right tools to fix those gaps because they are saving you money and growing your revenue by capturing lost leads – it’s not a cost, it’s an investment.
  3. All marketing starts with data. And the most important data to capture is email addresses. Email addresses are the fuel that drives both social media audiences and email marketing.

“The biggest mistake agencies make is simply doing what they’ve always done. Fear of failure often results in a failure to start,” Kylie Davis said.

“There’s always a learning curve when you start something new or learn a new skill. Marketing strategies should be embraced with a great appetite.  Not doing, will have dire consequences.

“Break projects down into smaller steps and test and learn before you roll out more broadly. Another key mistake we see is that agents put off starting until they ‘have time’ to do it properly – and that time never eventuates.

“It’s a catch-22 because you need to set up scalable processes in order to win back more time. Either delegate it to someone in your team who does have the time and inclination or just get stuck in yourself – waiting until later just costs you in lost earnings.”

If real estate practitioners can manage available technology to allow themselves to become truly scalable – doing far more deals in the same or less time – then that’s how they will increase their earnings and become more successful.

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