What is a buyer’s agent? And what are the benefits of using one?

A buyer’s agent combines industry expertise, a sharp eye, and removes the tedium of house hunting.

The hardest time ever to buy a house in Australia: How Australian home buying got so tough

We’re currently in a buyer’s market, but that doesn’t mean Australian house prices are crashing.

Why is Australia experiencing a rental crisis?

House rents soared by $55 per week, while unit rents rose by some $80 per week.

Perth property market climbs higher in rankings for investors

Popularity in the western capital continues to grow, but some are overpaying by a country mile as bidding wars break out.

How did Brisbane’s median housing values overtake Melbourne?

Brisbane has yet to reach its full potential, with significant population growth and an Olmypic Games to come.

Inflation and why the current monetary policy doesn’t work

Interest rates are broadly expected to remain stable, with cuts only coming later in 2024.

Why do real estate agents prefer to deal with buyer’s agents?

Buyer’s agents build careers around professional relationships in industry, giving them exclusive access to projects before the public.

Expert tips on how to be a successful property investor

Property expert and buyer’s agent, Lloyd Edge, shares his insights.

Expert tips on how to buy a property before auction

Purchasing a home before auction can be one way of avoiding the stress of bidding, however, it’s crucial to be prepared.

Australian property market: Is buying off-market better?

Lloyd Edge explores the pros and cons, and the why of buying off-market.

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