Expert tips on how to be a successful property investor

Property expert and buyer’s agent, Lloyd Edge, shares his insights.

Expert tips on how to buy a property before auction

Purchasing a home before auction can be one way of avoiding the stress of bidding, however, it’s crucial to be prepared.

Australian property market: Is buying off-market better?

Lloyd Edge explores the pros and cons, and the why of buying off-market.

Australian property investing: Know when to hold them, know when to fold them

There are a wide range of factors to consider.

Do Australian house prices rise every year?

Lloyd Edge explores whether Australian home prices double every seven to ten years.

Combating the cost of living crisis by buying regional

Home buying continues to be tough, with next year expecting to see the return of a seller’s market.

How to secure your dream home by Christmas

Lloyd Edge gives his do’s and don’ts for buying before the the year closes out.

Australian house prices: How to buy under the property market value

Lloyd Edge explores property market values and the importance of knowing the value.

Using your home as a future investment property

What happens when the two different home buying strategies collide?

How will the plan to build 1.2M homes affect property investors?

Lloyd Edge discusses the details of the plan announced earlier this month.

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Expert tips on how to be a successful property investor

Property expert and buyer's agent, Lloyd Edge, shares his insights.

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Commercial assets have faced volatility recently, driven by financing changes and demand fluctuations from institutions and funds.

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