Two in five Australians don’t feel prepared to respond to wild weather. Image – Canva
  • 62% of Australians are unaware of where to seek advice on weather hazards in their localities
  • Three in four Australias looking at moving or who have recently moved did not research wild weather risks
  • NRMA Insurance Wild Weather Tracker has released new research

According to a new study by NRMA Insurance, Australians who are relocating are more interested in finding out about local dining and coffee options rather than assessing the potential risks of wild weather on their safety and property.

The latest edition of NRMA Insurance Wild Weather Tracker has revealed that only 26% of those who recently moved or plan to relocate have researched their new property’s exposure to wild weather risks.

62% of Australians are unaware of where to seek advice on weather hazards in their localities, despite the significant impacts of severe weather across the nation in recent years. One such weather event was the devastating Lismore flood disaster. Even one year on, many flood victims are still feeling the repercussions.

NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager Direct Claims Luke Gallagher said

“With the increasing frequency and severity of wild weather, it’s important for all Australians, and particularly those moving to a new area, to know their local weather risks.

Luke Gallagher, NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager Direct Claims

According to the Tracker, NRMA Insurance recorded 10,120 claims for wild weather damage to homes and vehicles across the country this summer, the lowest number in the last six years. Although the season was milder than in previous years, most claims (7,645) were for home damage rather than vehicles. Severe weather caused almost half (47%) of all home claims in the country.

Mr Gallagher said severe weather risks vary significantly by location, and even within towns and suburbs.

“Knowing the specific risks you face is vital, whether that’s a high risk such as flood, bushfire and cyclone, or even general risks from wind and storm damage to your property. Not understanding this level of risk can have major safety and financial impacts,” he said.

“For example, one common misconception is that a 1-in-100-year flood risk means a flood will only happen every hundred years, when in fact, this means there’s a one per cent chance of a significant flood in any year.”

40% of Australias don’t feel prepared for wild weather

NRMA has urged Australians to become familiar with their local wild weather risks and take appropriate measures to prepare themselves, as 40% of the population admits to feeling unprepared to respond to such events.

“The actions you take to prepare today can make all the difference if the worst happens. We encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the advice from their state and territory emergency services. Local council websites and the Bureau of Meteorology are also excellent sources of practical information,” Mr Gallagher concluded.

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