Award winning real estate agent Anna Cavill. Image: RayWhite
  • There is the rise of women breaking through in traditionally male-dominated sectors
  • Women bring a unique and important perspective to real estate
  • There is positive change on the horizon for women in leadership in the industry

Across business spheres in Australia and the world, there is the rise of women breaking through in traditionally male-dominated sectors. This is especially true for the property industry.

Women are showing increasingly that when given opportunity, they thrive alongside their male counterparts across industries. The unique strengths and perspectives of women especially equip them for roles in the property industry.

Anna Cavill is a good example of a woman thriving in real estate. She was recognised as one of REB’s Top 50 Women in Realestate 2020 among other awards. She explains the unique contribution that women make in real estate.

“Women bring a softness and understanding to real estate. They bring compassion. During what can be very stressful time for people, women bring a more personal touch.

Women also approach negotiation from a different point of view.”

Anna Cavill, Ray White Upper North Shore

Nicole Jones, Licensee Director at Jones Realty & Projects, is another leader for women in the property industry. She agrees that women bring unique talents to the table.

“I see women bringing a softer more empathetic touch to real estate. We need to remember that we are dealing with human beings at the end of the day, it just happens to be a home that we are selling.

I truly believe women have the ability to tap into people’s emotions and see things from a different perspective. I’m not saying that men don’t have this ability, simply that it comes more naturally to women.”

Nicole Jones, Licensee and Director, Jones Realty & Projects

The Property Council of Australia (PCA) reports that women actually represent just more than half of the positions in the property industry. However, they reflect less than a third of leadership roles.

PCA says women do not lack leadership ambition or motivation compared to men. But rather, they have less self-belief that they can achieve their goals. According to Ms Cavill this might be changing for the better.

Ms Cavill told The Property Tribune that she is seeing a trend of more women, particularly younger women, approach leadership positions with confidence.

“We are definitely seeing a trend of younger women approaching leadership roles. It is lovely to see more and more women of all ages approach leadership roles, but particularly younger women.  It’s wonderful to see that confidence. And I’m loving watching it!”

One initiative that is being taken by the PCA is the ‘500 Women in Property’ program.

Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz is the National President of the PCA. She explains the importance of the program.

“As an industry that generates more jobs in Australia than any other, we have a special responsibility when it comes to supporting diversity in the workforce and especially in leadership.” 

Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, National President, PCA

As a part of the program participating women receive one on one sponsorship and mentorship. They get the benefit of networking and professional development opportunities.

“Like many industries, real estate is changing. It was male-dominated, it is changing. We are being proactive about it which is lovely. We are seeing more and more women in leadership roles which is wonderful,” Ms Cavill says.

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