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Fence installations are a big decision. While you would want to suit a quality fence to suit your budget, you also would want it to be aesthetically pleasing too.

Previously, we have spoken about the cost of fencing per metre. The cost can vary significantly – ranging from $40 to $1,200 per metre.

Sandstone is among the most expensive type, with PVC and treated pine towards the cheaper end.

How much does Colorbond fencing cost?

Colorbond fencing is relatively cheaper compared to other styles – typically about $85 to $100 per metre, including installation costs. This makes it one of the most popular types of fencing to use. It is relatively easy to install too, and offers durability, privacy and security.

So, can I install Colorbond myself?

It is possible to install colorbond fencing, with many large hardware suppliers in Australia selling direct to consumers.

Colorbond fencing costs are typically around:

Colorbond fencing panel size (width x height) Expected cost (3 to 4 sheets)
2380mm x 900mm (standard)

3150mm x 900mm (wide)

$55 to $80
2380mm x 1200mm (standard)

3150mm x 1200mm (wide)

$65 to $90
2380mm x 1500mm (standard)

3150mm x 1500mm (wide)

$75 to $103
2380mm x 1800mm (standard)

3150mm x 1800mm (wide)

$86 to $116
2380mm x 2100mm (standard)

3150mm x 2100mm (wide)

$96 to $129

The majority of consumers, however, pay an installer.

Hiretrades estimates the following as the average labour cost most Colorbond fencing contractors charge.

State Average cost per metre
Victoria $75 to $80
New South Wales $75 to $80
Queensland $70 to $75
Western Australia $65 to $70

Installation can be costly for more complex projects – such as if it is on a sloping surface, as the installer may have to cut panels and rails, which requires more equipment and labouring time.

Environmental zoning approval can also add to the cost of installation, and time too.

Additionally, softer soil needs larger holes and more concrete. On the other end of the spectrum, rockier soil will need extra work to install the posts.

A notable way to save money with installation is to have no return work. An installer may reduce pricing if you have done your homework and already decided on which gate style you would like to use for example.

What are the benefits of Colorbond fencing?

Along with being durable, and relatively customizable, Colorbond fences have a range of benefits.

It can resist an impending fire, termites cannot destroy the material and it will not rot.

With more attention than ever towards the environment, Colorbond fences are 100% recyclable.

What are the negatives of Colorbond?

Arguably, the biggest negative of Colorbond fencing is that you can get dents in the panel, which can show up easily and be hard to remove. In most cases, the panel would need to be replaced.

What styles does Colorbond fencing come in?

A unique feature of Colorbond fencing is that it is one of the most versatile types of fencing; it comes in a surprising number of styles. Although plain sheets of Colorbond come in just one style themselves, they can be installed with different coloured posts, decorative top panels or a mix of materials.

Colorbond fences can be mixed with timber posts too, for example, making for attractive fences with natural timber features.

Colorbond fences do also not have to block out views entirely; panels can be flat, lourved and fixed closely together or apart. Additionally, they can be combined with rendered cement.

The colour of the lattices can also be of a different colour. Some are straight, others cross-hatched.

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