Green star ratings improved according to new report. Image – Canva
  • 88.1% of Green Star rated buildings achieved their modelled outcomes
  • Average ratings have improved over time
  • GBCA has released a new report

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released a new report revealing that the modelled energy performance of Green Star-rated buildings is being achieved within 0.5stars for the vast majority.

Davina Rooney, GBCA CEO believes this report proves the effectiveness of the system.

“For two decades, the perceived performance gap between ambition and actuality has led owners and occupants to ask: Are we getting what we’ve paid for? This report from provides a clear and emphatic ‘yes’,” she said.

Source – GBCA Report

176 offices were examined for the report with 88.1% in the sample closely achieving their modelled National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy rating.

This figure drops to 75% when buildings are operating at peak performance.

Performance of the accredited buildings has shown improvements over time.

Source – GBCA Report

“A similar study in 2012 found that 69% of Green Star certified office buildings analysed achieved their modelled greenhouse gas performance target, today we’re delighted to share that 88.1 per cent have achieved the same result, highlighting that the system is working,” said Ms Rooney.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, the report found that the average stat rating has increased over time from 4.5 stars in 2012 to 5 stars in 2019.

Source – NABERS

Carlos Flores, NABERS Director attributes this increase to government and industry leadership.

“This report’s results demonstrate what is possible when government and industry embrace innovation in building operations and shows that the outlay is worth the outcome when it comes to decarbonising the built environment.

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