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  • So far, 15 Jobkeeper Payments Notifications have been released to market
  • Four of those have either voluntarily repaid some or all of the amount received
  • One company released details about where the money went within the company

*The table has been updated with figures from HomeCo, Vicinity, and Peet.

Over the past few weeks, ASX-listed companies have been releasing their Jobkeeper Payments Notifications to the market. These disclose how many individuals the company received Jobkeeper payments for, the sum of money received, whether the company repaid that money, and if they did, the amount repaid.

So far, The Property Tribune has seen 15 listed real estate companies release notifications to the market.

According to the notices, most companies have not voluntarily repaid the Jobkeeper payments. Two made full repayments for both financial years and two made partial repayments.

REA Group (ASX: REA) and Centuria Capital Group (ASX: CNI) made full repayments, paying back the money received across both financial years. Domain (ASX: DHG) and Mirvac (ASX: MGR) made repayments on the money received in the latest financial year.

No. of individuals for which payment  received 1 Sum of payments received2 Voluntary repayment3 Repaid amount4
Company ASX Code FY1 FY2 FY1 FY2 FY1 FY2
Acumentis Group Limited ACU 210 221 $1,255,500 $2,253,000 No $0 $0
WOTSO Limited WOT 38 38 $231,000 $977,100 No $0 $0
Aspen Group Limited APZ 67 64 $600,000 $664,500 No $0 $0
Victory Offices Limited VOL 75 65 $451,500 $1,848,800 No $0 $0
Axiom Properties Limited AXI 0 4 $0 $106,800 No $0 $0
REA Group Limited REA 6 6 $36,000 $131,400 Yes $36,000 $131,400
Centuria Capital Group CNI 104 110 $924,000 $1,119,000 Yes $924,000 $1,119,000
McGrath Limited MEA 250 247 $1,491,000 $3,231,000 No $0 $0
GPT Management Holdings GPT 458 0 $8,764,500 $0 No $0 $0
Domain Holdings Australia Limited DHG 607 639 $5,431,500 $6,511,500 Yes $0 $6,511,500
Mirvac Group MGR 999 1014 $8,932,500 $10,477,500 Yes $0 $10,477,500
Sunland Group Limited SDG 106 102 $924,000 $1,288,550 No $0 $0
International Equities Corporation Limited IEQ 33 32 $291,000 $700,750 No $0 $0
Lifestyle Communities Limited LIC 87 85 $520,500 $1,138,000 No $0 $0
Servcorp Limited SRV 139 134 $1,072,500 $2,435,000 No $0 $0
Home Consortium HMC 19 17 $165,000 $178,500 Yes $165,000 $178,500
Vicinity Limited VCX 1208 1219 $10,770,000 $12,459,000 No $0 $0
Peet Limited PPC 210 211 $1,246,500 $3,942,300 No $0 $0

While most companies simply made public the details as per the notices issued, Aspen (ASX: APZ) broke down how much each type of employee received and was announced as follows:

Employee type Number of Employees Amount
Head office employees 11 $99,000
Property Employees – Permanent (full time and part time) 27 $240,000
Property Employees – Casual 29 $261,000
Head office employees 9 $1,065,000
Property Employees – Permanent (full time and part time) 26 $270,000
Property Employees – Casual 29 $288,000


The descriptions as seen on the JobKeeper Payments Notification, a notice for release to the market under subsection 323DB(1) of the Corporations Act 2001- Jobkeeper payment disclosure by listed entity is as follows:

  1. The number of individuals for whom the listed entity or a subsidiary of the listed entity received a jobkeeper payment for a jobkeeper fortnight that ended in the financial year (within the meaning of the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits ) Rules 2020).
  2. The sum of all jobkeeper payments the listed entity, and each subsidiary of the listed entity, received in a jobkeeper fortnight that ended in the financial year.
  3. Has the listed entity or a subsidiary of the listed entity, made one or more voluntary payments (whether or not in the financial year) to the Commonwealth by way of a repayment of jobkeeper payments received by the listed entity or a subsidiary of the listed in the financial year?
  4. If the listed entity or a subsidiary of the listed entity has made such a voluntary payment or payments – the sum of those payments:

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