margaret river mouth opening town
Image – Canva.
  • New suburb named after local hero Samuel Isaacs, whose Aboriginal name is Yebble
  • Yebble is located close to Margaret River, in between Gracetown and Prevelly
  • The land had been awarded to the hero for his bravery back in the 1870s

Back in late January, The Property Tribune reported on the Western Australian town that was set to name a newly minted locality after a local hero.

Samuel Isaacs became a local hero following his courage and bravery when he and Grace Bussell rescued 54 people from a shipwreck in rough seas off the coast of Calgardup Bay in 1876.

He was awarded a bronze medallion from the Royal Humane Society, and later awarded 100 acres of land in Margaret River, the first land granted to an Aboriginal person in Western Australia, according to Landgate.

The new suburb uses Mr Isaacs’ Aboriginal name, Yebble, and is located close to Margaret River, a region famed for its wine, waves, and wondrous landscapes. As of the start of April, Yebble is now officially a new locality in south-western Western Australia.

The land has been excised from two other localities: Gracetown and Burnside, Landgate said in a statement: “The new locality… is mostly covered by the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and not far from the land gifted to Mr Isaacs.”

suburb boundary new yebble margaret river
The locality boundaries of newly minted Yebble, named after local hero Samuel Isaacs. Image – Originally published on the Facebook page of Premier Mark McGowan.

It’s a positive step for indigenous recognition, Lands Minister Tony Buti said, praising the move:

“Aboriginal naming provides a gateway to respect, acknowledge and promote Aboriginal peoples’ connection to the land.

The creation of Yebble helps preserve and promote the Aboriginal people who have contributed to Western Australia’s rich and diverse history.”

Tony Buti, Lands Minister

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