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  • A proposal was made by the Undalup Association to create a new locality.
  • The locality would be named in honour of local hero Samuel Isaacs.
  • The proposed name is Yebble, after Mr Isaac's Aboriginal name.
  • Mr Isaacs and Grace Bussell played a crucial role in the rescue of 54 people from a shipwreck close to Margaret River in 1876.

Almost 150 years ago, a steamship was stricken along the South-West coast of Western Australia.

The then infamous SS Georgette became shipwrecked off the coast of Calgardup Bay in 1876, close to Margaret River.

Samuel Isaacs, an Indigenous stockman with the Bussell family, saw the ship in distress and along with Grace Bussell rushed into rough sea conditions to help rescue 54 passengers and crew.

Mr Isaacs efforts were recognised only by a bronze medalion from the Royal Humane Society, Ms Bussell received a silver medal.

Later, 100 acres of land Margaret River was also awarded to Mr Isaacs, Landgate noting it was, “… the first land grant to an Aboriginal person in Western Australia.”

Now, some 145 years later, the proposal was made to also honour Mr Isaacs with a new suburb in the South-West region.

Lands Minister Ben Wyatt expressed support for the move:

“This is another significant step in correcting the wrongs of the past, seeking to ensure forgotten Aboriginal heroes like Mr Samuel Isaacs are rightfully honoured.”

Landgate says that “… the proposal will then go before the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River Council. If supported, a recommendation will be put to the Minister for Lands to approve establishment of the new locality.”

The proposal is still open for public consultation until 4 pm on 12 February 2021.

For more information, please visit the Shire website.

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