Producers in Goondiwindi were impacted by severe rainfall earlier this year. Image – Canva.
  • $179,000 of land rent due 1 July 2021 to be deferred to 1 December 2021
  • Flood impacted Goondiwindi primary producers will be eligible
  • Land rent relief will be applied automatically

Yesterday, the Queensland government announced the deferral of $26.5 million in annual land rent.

That move was in response to the ongoing drought issues in the state.

“More than $26.5 million in annual land rent is being deferred for primary production leases, licences and permits in the drought declared areas for the next 12 months.” 

Scott Stewart, Resources Minister

The minister also said, “While the wet season has brought needed relief for some areas of Queensland, there are still 40 local governments drought declared.”

Eligible landholders will not have to lift a finger in order to receive the assistance, Minister Stewart added.

Rent relief for flood-impacted areas

Today, the Queensland government will be offering assistance to the primary producers in Goondiwindi impacted by a severe rainfall event earlier this year.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart said more than $179,000 worth of land rent due to be paid on 1 July 2021 is being automatically deferred for 7 months.

“There are 279 primary producers on leased state land in the Goondiwindi area that won’t have to pay their land rent until 1 December 2021.”

Scott Stewart, Resources Minister

To reduce stress, Mr Stewart said eligible landholders will have their rent automatically deferred and they don’t have to do anything further to take up this offer of assistance.

Land rent relief applies to businesses, farmers and individuals that hold a lease, licence or permit to occupy for primary production purposes on state land.

Further assistance can also be sought via an online application to the Queensland Government’s state land rents and hardship assistance page.

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