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South Australia has embarked on a new program to build 1000 affordable homes over the next five years. Image – Canva
  • SA recorded a social housing rate of 5.9%
  • 7,500 Housing SA properties were sold by the previous State Government
  • Comes as Victoria is undergoing a $5.3BN social and housing program

Data released by the ABS has revealed that social housing makes up 5.9% of total residential housing in South Australia – 46,383 houses to be more precise.

This figure is only marginally ahead of the level seen in Tasmania at 5.8% but significantly higher than the New South Wales rate of 4.8%, Western Australia’s 3.9% and Queensland’s 3.4%.

Additionally, the South Australian rate is almost double that of Victoria’s which is 3%.

Both states are currently undergoing a large program to boost the number of social and affordable houses.

Victoria recently held a multi-party committee that acknowledged homelessness has become more prevalent throughout the state. The committee received over 450 submissions and held 18 hearings.

The Victorian Government said it is countering this with the $5.3 billion Big Housing Build – the largest single social and affordable housing program ever seen in Australia.

However, it has been warned to meet the national social housing average, Victoria needs to build around 3,400 social housing dwellings annually between 2021 and 2036

According to Government figures, 7,500 Housing SA properties were sold by the previous Government to the tune of $1.5 billion over 16 years.

In a move that it says will reverse this figure, the South Australian Government has announced a $550 million strategy that includes $400 million going towards the construction of 1000 new affordable homes by 2025.

Michelle Lensink, the Minister for Human Services, said her social housing agenda supports getting more South Australians into affordable housing.

“We want to ensure social housing is available for our most vulnerable, which is why we’re currently modernising our social housing system with the aim of delivering better, fairer, more efficient and transparent services to South Australians.”

“Not only will our plan empower and support more South Australians to achieve their housing aspirations and take pressure off the housing market with 1000 new affordable homes entering the market, it’s providing a steady pipeline of work for our construction and building industry.”

Michelle Lensink, Minister for Human Services

The two Territories recorded the highest percentages of social housing with 6.6% in the Australian Capital Territory and 14.6% in the Northern Territory.

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