The luxury goon bag
The classic Aussie invention has had a makeover. Photo – SOPHisticated cocktail co.
  • Manly-based company started selling their 'stand up pouches' last year
  • Marketed as cocktails on the go, they are now available in retail stores

In 1965, South Australian winemaker Tom Angrove patented the half-gallon flagon (shortened to ‘goon’) of wine.

More than half a century on, this classic Aussie invention, lovingly known as the goon bag, silver pillow, boxed wine, cask – call it what ye will – has been given a distinct upgrade.

Manly-based company SOPHisticated cocktail co launched late last year selling ‘stand up pouches’ of premium Margaritas, Cosmopolitans and Espresso Martinis.

Their ready-to-drink cocktails have been sold online only, but are now for sale in independent liquor stores across NSW.

Partnering with Australian producers, SOPHisticated cocktail co uses Mr Black and St Ali coffee in its Sassy Essie (Espresso Martini), Tequila Tromba and East Coast limes in Tarti Margi (Margarita) and a local distilled Vodka in Cosmo Carrie (Cosmopolitan).

Luxury Goon bags
Batched, bottled and bagged. Photo – SOPHisticated cocktail co.

“In our first 4 weeks, we sold over 400 bags online, far exceeding expectations,” said the founder of SOPHisticated cocktail co Vicki Lyon.

“In late December we started getting enquiries from independent stockists, boutique hotels and rental properties and are now stocked in several across NSW. Incredibly, about 30% of our online sales are from repeat customers,”

“With the restrictions of 2020, there was rapid demand for online sales nationwide and now we’re seeing real growth in in-store retail too. The cocktails bags are perfect for at-home entertaining, holidays, camping trips, boating days and picnics. Each 1.5 L bag serves hassle-free premium quality 13-15 drinks,” she said.

Luxury Goon bag on the move
Cocktails. On the Go. Photo – SOPHisticated cocktail co.

The Margarita is by far the biggest seller, with the popularity of premium tequila rising by almost 46% above any other spirit category.

SOPHisticated cocktail co. was founded on the belief that cocktails should taste fantastic and should be shared with friends. The products use only locally grown fresh-pressed fruit, premium alcohol and locally roasted cold-brew coffee.

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