The data centre is to be built in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • A $103 million contract has been awarded to Leighton Asia
  • Leighton Asia is a company in the CIMIC Group
  • Construction is set to commence this month

Construction company Leighton Asia, a part of CIMIC Group, has been selected to complete the construction of a data centre campus in Jakarta, Indonesia for a multinational technology corporation.

An estimated $103 million revenue is expected to be generated for Leighton Asia through the contract.

CIMIC Group Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Juan Santamaria is pleased to use the capabilities of Leighton Asia for the advanced data centre.

“Leighton Asia has a strong track record of delivering industrial projects in Indonesia along with recent experience in the delivery of expansion works for a data centre in Hong Kong,” he said.

“With Leighton Asia’s local knowledge and resources, combined with our international experience, we will be able to provide clients with a safe and successful project delivery.”

Pedro Vicente, Leighton Asia Managing Director

The construction works will include the delivery site infrastructure for the campus and a data centre building comprising of two data halls.

In addition, the construction will include all associated buildings for storage, security and other operational facilities, as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, façade and external works.

Construction is to commence at the site in January 2022 with completion expected in 2023.

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