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The new regulations are designed to protect stratas and pet owners. Image – Canva.
  • The practice will be banned from 25 August
  • Changes come following a review of the starta legislation and public consultation
  • Stratas will still have the power to refuse or remove pets that cause damage

Blanket bans for pets in strata schemes are to become a thing of the past with the New South Wales government introducing laws to outlaw the practice from 25 August, similar to Victoria.

The changes come following a review of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and extensive public consultation.

Kevin Anderson, Minister for Better Regulation, said the new laws are a reflection of broad community sentiment and demonstrate a balanced approach for residents and owner corporations.

“A lot has changed since the Act commenced in 2015, including a huge shift to apartment living as more and more people in NSW are choosing to buy and rent in higher density areas,” Mr Anderson said.

“On top of that, research tells us that Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with 61 per cent of households including a pet in their family, and 91 per cent of households owning a pet at some point in their lives.”

Mr Anderson added the new regulations are fair and sensible, preventing blanket bans on pets in apartments while also allowing owners’ corporations to refuse pets where they unreasonably impact other residents.

Stratas can also block or remove an existing animal if they cause repeated damage to common property, engage in menacing behaviour, persistent noise or odour.

The news comes as Ashleigh Goodchild, a contributor here at The Property Tribune, recently noted that in her 20-year career as a property manager, only one incident was caused by a pet. Humans, however, are far more likely to cause damage.

“As a dog owner myself I understand how important pets are for families in this state, and their companionship cannot be understated, particularly during the current pandemic,” Mr Anderson said.

“Living in strata is becoming more popular and while we don’t want strata residents deprived of the benefits of owning a pet it’s also important the amenity of neighbours and others in the building isn’t impacted.

Kevin Anderson, Minister for Better Regulation

“Our new laws have been designed to strike the right balance for everyone living in strata communities, putting an end to blanket bans on pets while giving owners corporations clear guidance on how they can set rules to ensure other owners aren’t impacted.”

The changes also come as a new apartment development in Sydney will feature a private dog playground for resident pooches – believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.

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