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Loft at 5 Oxford Street by Binyan Studios. Image – Facebook

It’s already February you’re wondering – where has that last year gone? The year that has passed us by in a blink of an eye and here we are embracing a new normal in this side of 2022.

But don’t fret, we have you covered with architecture eye-candy and some stunning loft designs that you’d want to emulate for your own build in 2022 complete with a few amazing architects and interior designers you can follow to be inspired.

We have included the top 5 designs we fell in love with in 2021, along with their respective styles and designers.

Top 5 loft designs of 2021

  1. Warehouse Loft
  2. City Loft
  3. Forrest Loft
  4. Neighbourhood Loft
  5. Mountain Loft


1. Warehouse Loft

Easily one of our favourites, this double brick open face built is an excellent reuse of abandoned warehouses, especially in a neighbourhood with rich history.

This classy dark themed loft is a bold extension of a New York styled apartment, complete with its angling windows to provide evening sun and versatile open plan kitchen dining and living.

The upper level of the loft is elegantly used  for retreat and relaxation, its furniture and lighting complimenting the gritty undertones of a bustling town and it choice of chattels ( hello Propeller Wall Clock! ) defines a what a modern and character loft should look like in the heart of any major city.

By mon.in.a (IG)
Location: Vienna, Austria

2. The City Loft

This gritty, urban take on city living has been doing the rounds on socials since conceptualized, a modern take on apartment living with 2 levels, complete with floor to ceiling windows with ample of natural light and below the loft clever use of space.

Balancing neutral colours with dark wooden floorboards and industrial lighting, the designer embodies a city life with vigour and organized chaos for the busy professional that has a high standard of taste.

The furniture is a compliment to the theme set for the readers to imagine the person who would live there, a simple 2 piece double sofa and a modern kitchen and a window wall to provide peace and comfort for the master bedroom upstairs.

Stunning, we say!

Designed by @0210hrarquitectos
Visualized by @gero_bts_cg

3. The Forest Loft

An eccentric interior with modern, industrial and minimalistic features the designer imbues into his creation achieves a balance between divergent styles and shapes. In keeping the theme focused on natural elements, greenery appears throughout the large windows from the great forest outside creating a calm and sophisticated ambiance for the whole space.

The living areas are quite warm and homely. The kitchen and bedroom, in contrast, show a strong industrial influence with the rusted black metal, golden metal sheets, and the uneven flooring tiles that transmit energy and movement.

This dreamy retreat located in the heart of a forest and surrounded by nature so pristine you’d be left wondering if this would be the place you retire. A fire resistant built set over two levels and cleverly making use of the space within the loft with all the needs of a perfect escape towards

Design by Sarah Habib of Saudi Arabia named Loft in the Forest

4. Suburb Loft

This stunning built in the heart of the suburbs in Victoria, Australia is fast gaining recognition as an urban delight, combining the heritage of the suburb with its red open face bricks and elevation of raked ceilings combined with double spacious windows to allow natural light to immerse the loft.

The combination of furniture and specific chattels including the timber slab dining table and urban rug allows the decorator to input some unique pieces, special mentions to the classic Gibson electric guitar and an elegant glass whiskey decanter on the centrepiece.

A simple touch of greenery allows for healthy living amidst the bustle of the neighbourhood and proximity to schools and cafes allow a wide array of owners to comfortable live and work in this home. If there ever was a perfect loft build for the Covid19 days of lockdown and Work From Home, this would be it!

5 Oxford Street by Binyan Studios

5. Mountain Loft

An industrial built loft with stunning simplicity and the namesake Mountain loft is rather a play on the moutanous size of the loft instead of its location.

Looking like a settlement at the base of a mountain surrounded by thick foliage, this bold and equally strong in design and built loft is a testament to the creativity of those who dare to venture.

Complimented by a gym bench and a workout ladder and rails – this would be a perfect getaway or retreat for the sportsman or the corporate athlete in you. Find your zone in the middle of the spacious loft or balance your inner strength with the zen of the forest and the intensity of a workout while surrounded by concrete walls drowning out the noise of the world.

Private Haven By Samiha Abaza

This is creativity at its finest.

And there you have it folks, stunning lofts build all around the world.

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