The winter season brings better than usual new listing numbers.
This year’s winter has seen new listing numbers above average. Image: Canva.
  • New listing numbers rose above the five year average.
  • Total listing numbers fell, despite uptick in new listings.
  • Capital cities outperformed the regions.

This year’s new listings rates have bucked the decade-long trend, with the latest CoreLogic Property Pulse finding that through the winter season to-date, new listings have risen by 13.2% this year.

According to CoreLogic, the pre-Covid decade average of new listings added to the national housing market drops between autumn and winter by 5.2%. This is followed by a rise of 9.8% between winter and spring.

However, this winter recorded a double-digit percentage rise, primarily driven by the capital cities (+17.9%), with regional Australia recording a milder 4.6% rise in new listings.

New listings numbers also recently outperformed the previous five-year average. In the four weeks ending 13 August, new listings to the Australian housing market were 3.3% above the aforementioned average; this is the first time the new listings figure has risen above the five-year benchmark since September last year.

National listing numbers

Flow of new listings

Stock of total listings

New listings Compared with last year Compared with previous five-year average Total listings Compared with last year

Compared with previous five-year average


6,870 10.9% 22.6% 20,255 -14.7%



7,282 9.7% 25.5% 25,519 -8.1% 1.9%


3,673 -9.7% -5.7% 11,540 -23.0% -40.1%


1,488 -10.2% -0.6% 3,903 -24.1% -41.8%


3,285 -8.8% -1.9% 10,316 -32.8% -44.9%


279 -2.4% -3.7% 1,264 22.1% 35.1%


163 -36.3% -7.0% 1,090 -8.2%


Canberra 634 2.4% 11.0% 1,991 1.2%


Combined capital cities 23,674 1.5% 11.8% 75,878 -16.8%


Combined regionals 11,553 -11.7% -10.5% 57,177 -6.6%


National 35,227 -3.2% 3.3% 133,055 -12.7%


Source: CoreLogic.

Total listings numbers remain down

Despite the recorded rise in new listings, total listings shrank by 3.5% since the beginning of winter.

Advertised stock levels over the past four weeks rose 0.3%, with total listings across the capitals rising 2.2%; the capital city rise was offset by a fall across the regions. The month-on-month rise was led by Syndey (5.3%), Melbourne (4.4%) and Canberra (4.3%).

Hobart and Canberra were the only capital cities that had more advertised stock than last year, 22.1% and 1.2% respectively. Hobart and Melbourne were up 35.1% and 1.9%, respectively, on the previous five-year average.

Largest rise in total listings relative to previous five-year average (by SA3)

Largest rise in total listings relative to previous five year average (by SA3).
Source: CoreLogic.

Tight markets remain

Total listings for smaller capitals, including Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, were all below the previous five-year average. Specifically, Perth was 44.9% below the prior half decade average, Adelaide 41.8%, and Brisbane 40.1%.

Consequently, value growth has accelerated, with CoreLogic’s daily index recording rises over the past four weeks of 1.2% for Perth, 1.4% for Brisbane, and 1.5% for Adelaide.

Largest drop in total listings relative to previous five year average (by SA3)

Largest drop in total listings relative to previous five year average (by SA3).
Source: CoreLogic.

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