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  • Just over 89,000 properties were listed for rent according to 9 March data
  • Listings figure has been hovering around this number for the past few months

SQM Research data shows that whilst the number of rental listed weekly has declined since the middle of last year, this number is not the lowest recorded in recent years.

Data from 9 March shows there were 89,066 properties listed for rent across the whole of Australia with 61,267 of these being on the market for under 30 days.

Though this is significantly less than the 105,480 total listings and the 59,259 under 30-day listings recorded on 25 April 2020, the latest figures are certainly not the lowest in recent years.

25 Mar 2018, for example, saw a total of 86,213 listings with 52,103 under 30 days.

In fact, it was not until June 2015 when total weekly listings hit the 90,000 mark.

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Since then, total listings have been hovering between the late 80,000s and 90,000s regions, occasionally getting to over 100,000 listings.

17 Jan 2018 was an outlier whereby 106,326 rentals were listed with 52,594 of these under 30 days – this is a record according to the SQM data.

The closest listings have since got to that level was during April and May of last year in the midst of the first wave of restrictions in Australia.

However, for several months after last Autumn, weekly listings declined significantly before hitting a trough in September.

Most likely, a mix of rental moratoriums and government stimulus explains the decline in listings – if it is harder to remove tenants, there will be fewer landlords who can put supply on the market.

The number of rentals that have been listed for over 180 days – an extraordinary number considering the rental shortages seen nationally – has remained between 10,000 to 14,000 listings for the past few years.

The 60-90 and 90-180 day time frames have historically remained relatively steady over time.

The 30-60 day time frame has been far more volatile, but generally follows a trend similar to that of the under 30-day statistics.

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