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Greening Australia and CBRE’s partnership to promote environmental conservation. Image – Canva
  • CBRE and Greening Australia have announced a new partnerhship
  • The target has been set to increase the national land bank to 330,000 ha by 2030.
  • The land will be used to facilitate various environmental projects

In a show of support for those tackling the environmental challenges facing Australia, CBRE has announced a partnership with the environmental organisation Greening Australia. The partnership will aid Greening Australia’s target of increasing its national land bank to 330,000 hectares by 2030.

The partnership will help promote Greening Australia’s efforts in conservation and restoration.

As corporate pressure increases to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, environmentally-offsetting investments are becoming more desirable.

As a part of the partnership, CBRE’s Agribusiness team will provide exclusive real estate services to Greening Australia’s.

“CBRE is committed to using its expertise, resources and market influence to help our clients reduce the emissions their properties generate and to applying best practices that improve the sustainability of our own operations.”

Phil Melville, CBRE Agribusiness Associate Director

“Through this new partnership we can extend these efforts to help ensure Greening Australia achieves its targets to restore Australian landscapes and undertake environmental planting projects that provide tangible and long-lasting benefits,” Mr Melville said.

“We see an opportunity to improve the environment and turn underperforming sections of properties into profit-generating  assets.”

The required land will be sourced via a combination of lease, licence or ownership.

Greening Australia has been conserving and restoring Australia’s landscapes since 1982. The new arrangement with CBRE aligns with the group’s intent to solve complex environmental problems, employing an array of programs and projects – including a target to plant 500 million trees by 2030.

“The scale of the challenge means we need to leverage the best capabilities. CBRE will assist us in meeting our ambitious targets but also reward landholders for their role in improving the environment.”

Brendan Foran, Greening Australia CEO

The vast sum of land will be used for various environmentally restorative projects. These are outlined below.

Biodiversity projects

Restore productivity on spaces that have proven difficult to farm where it may be practical. This might include gullies, waterways curves, challenging areas, hills, salt impacted areas.

Explore opportunities to undertake biodiversity projects on farms for grant, co-investment or Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s) generation

Carbon projects

Provide steady and consistent returns on more marginal areas of selected farms through the production of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s).


  • Improve asset resilience to climate rise
  • Engage in integrated agriculture projects
  • Undertake trials with tangible, measurable and replicable results to enable optimisation and development of regenerative agriculture design
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