Women winners: L to R: Alicia Gangemi, Astrid Vasile, Hon Samantha Rowe MLC, Prudence McLoughlin. Image – Supplied.
  • Three categories included office-based, onsite, and consultants-professionals
  • Women currently comprise 11% of the construction industry workforce
  • There were seven finalists

Over the weekend, Master Builders WA held its ‘Excellence in Construction’ Awards.

It was the second year Master Builders had run the Women Building Australia Awards, with seven finalists selected across three categories.

The three categories included the consultants-professionals award, office-based award, and onsite award.

Master Builders said women currently comprise 11% of the construction industry’s workforce and only one per cent of building trades. Master Builders WA Executive Director John Gelavis said:

“There was a time when the building industry was seen as male-dominated, but there has been such a major cultural change, that women are taking up training opportunities and considering construction as their vocation.”

John Gelavis, Master Builders WA Executive Director

The finalists

Consultants-professionals award

  • Prudence McLoughlin

Office-based award

  • Alicia Gangemi
  • Sabrina Teh
  • Manasvi Hirani
  • Sandra Kuhn

Onsite award

  • Astrid Vasile
  • Alysia Harper

The winners

The consultants-professionals award went to Prudence McLoughlin from Land Surveys.

Ms McLoughlin was recognised for her commitment to safety in the workplace and her work with high school students through workshops. Ms McLoughlin promotes surveying through the workshops and is currently completing her license in surveying, which will make her the first female licensed surveyor in WA.

john gelavis prudence mcloughlin samantha rower mlc
L to R: John Gelavis, Prudence McLoughlin, Samantha Rowe. Image – Supplied.

The office-based award went to Alicia Gangemi from Affordable Living Homes.

Ms Gangemi was recognised for her longstanding dedication to the building and construction industry, founding co-founding Affordable Living Homes. She also built specially designed homes for people in need and founded the Blue Ripple Foundation, a charity providing people without housing with essential supplies.

john gelavis alicia gangemi samantha rowe
L to R: John Gelavis, Alicia Gangemi, Samantha Rowe. Image – Supplied.

The onsite award went to Astrid Vasile, the proprietor of Vasile Build.

Ms Vasile was one of the first female registered builders in Australia and has been acknowledged for her impressive career progression within the industry.

john gelavis astrid vasile samantha rowe
L to R: John Gelavis, Astrid Vasile, Samantha Rowe. Image – Supplied.


Disclosure: The Property Tribune was a guest of the Master Builders Association of WA at the awards ceremony.

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