Less than two million Australians are currently vaccinated. Image – Canva.
  • Australia has only administered 33 doses per 100 people (the world average is 42)
  • Josh Frydenberg held a roundtable with major business leaders this morning
  • Masters Builders Association CEO represented the building and construction industry

While Australia has been pretty good at suppressing the coronavirus, it is somewhere near the bottom of the league table of vaccinations.

According to the New York Times Covid Tracker, Australia has administered around 33 doses per 100 people, or just over 8 million altogether. Around 7% of the population are fully vaccinated.

Compare this to the US, where there have been 99 doses per 100 (328 million), the UK 118 (79 million) or France 84 (57 million) and the land down under is far, far behind. Even New Zealand has put 1.1 million jabs in arms and India has managed 26 doses per 100 people. The world average is 42 doses per 100 people, or 3.25 billion doses administered worldwide.

Top 10 most vaccinated countries, as of 5 July 2021

Per 100 Total % Vac’d % Fully Vac’d
U.A.E. 159 15,574,641 75% 65%
Malta 136 685,024 72% 67%
Bahrain 131 2,154,001 66% 61%
Chile 123 23,297,750 68% 57%
Aruba 121 128,575 64% 57%
Iceland 120 435,373 73% 62%
Israel 120 10,843,917 63% 57%
Uruguay 119 4,110,805 67% 52%
Mongolia 119 3,827,417 64% 55%
U.K. 118 79,078,081 68% 50%
World 42 3,251,765,660

Source: New York Times

Covid Hubs

Earlier today, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg held a federal government covid vaccine business round table.

Many notable business leaders joined Mr Frydenberg such as the CEO’s of Coles, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin, Telstra and Qantas.

A notable outcome was several businesses, including Bunnings and Officeworks, have offered to host COVID vaccine hubs, citing the large footprint of their outlets.

Currently, many companies in Australia offer free flu vaccinations annually to all employees, where nurses physically visit workplaces to administrate the vaccine.

Representing the building and construction industry at the roundtable today was Masters Builders Australia’s (MBA) CEO Denita Wawn.

Ms Wawn has reiterated calls that getting the majority of the Australian population fully vaccinated would greatly support the industry and the wider economy.

“Getting as many Australians vaccinated as quickly as possible so that there is no longer any excuse for lockdowns, border closures or other restrictions is vitally important to Master Builders members and their communities around the country,” she said in a statement.

“We have been successful in keeping the industry open throughout the pandemic, it is now time that we help to reopen up the country by supporting the vaccine rollout.

“Just as our industry is playing a key role in accelerating economic recovery, we have committed to helping to accelerate the vaccine rollout,”

Denita Wawn, MBA CEO

“Master Builders will be rolling out over the coming weeks, a communication campaign promoting the importance of vaccine uptake to the industry. As outlined by the Treasurer and Lieutenant General Frewen, this will help set the scene for the ramping up of vaccinations.”

Coming to a Bunnings sausage near you, the vaccine.

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