Waddamana village street
The village used to house workers of Tasmania’s first hydro power station. Image: Harcourts, Tasmania
  • Half of Waddamana Village is for sale
  • Includes eight houses and cabins
  • 7 hectares on 2 titles

Yes, you read that correctly. You can buy half a Tasmanian village below the median house price in Melbourne and Sydney.

Located 100km from the Hobart in the middle of Tasmania, a part of the historic Waddaman Hyrdo village is for sale.

The village was originally built house the Waddaman Hydro Power Station – the first hydroelectric power station in Tasmania.

The first power station, Waddamana A, was built in 1916 with others to follow over the next few decades with the Shannon and Waddamana B power stations being commissioned. Waddamana A and Shannon were decommissioned and Shannon was demolished. Waddamana B was in operation to 1995.

The Waddamana A is now a heritage-site that has been converted into a museum and is open to visitors most days of the year.

Waddamana embedded
The sale covers half of the historic village. Image: Harcourts, Tasmania

What do I get?

Included in the sale is a modern three-bedroom ‘Superintendent’s House’, four three-bedroom houses with garages and enclosed yards and two three-bedroom demountable cabins.  In addition to the eight houses and cabins, two separate sheds, timber-lined games room and a tennis court.

The sale includes nearly seven hectares over two titles.

Offers from $700,00 will be considered.

Helen Cooper and her late husband, Frank, fell in love with the village and purchased it is a whole back in 1991. Seven years ago Ms Cooper sold a part of the village which included a camp used by schools.

Ms Cooper signifies her age and wanting to be closer to her grandchildren as reasons for the sale, according to the ABC.

“I’m getting a bit old to be up there by myself, and although I love it there I have grandchildren in town and my family in town, so it’s time to have a change…its been over 25 years of my life and every day was a great day,” she told the ABC.

Andrew Fisher of Nutrien Harcourts in Launceston is handling the listing.

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