OurTowns founder Marc Drexel
OurTowns founder Marc Drexel. Image supplied.
  • New app to link people, property and community
  • Offers various tools and downloadable reports
  • Free training on property development analytics also included

Ten years in the thinking, four years of planning and two years of building has led to the launch this week of a new app to connect people, property and the community.

Marc Drexel has had more than 30 years in the property industry, the last five years organising and working with community groups.

His vision is for a service that connects people, property and the community giving them various tools and information at their fingertips.

“With our OurTowns app, we offer property and community information, reports and tools; to help everyone better understand their communities, development sites and future ready homes,” Marc Drexel said. “Our downloadable reports gives people instant information on a property’s surrounding community, schools, R-Codes, titles, block sizes, validation for the property and more.” Marc Drexel, OurTowns

Mr Drexel urges anyone to provide feedback on the new service and concept.

“We have expanded our online technology by bringing forward an easy to use and reliable app with a convenient City of Vincent community directory for the general public, businesses, events and property,” said Drexel.

The site also incorporates free training so users can better understand the world of development analytics and property validation.

Our Towns website
The OurTowns website was launched in October last year. Image supplied.

“The OurTowns development analytics reports save you time and money by giving you immediate results on a property’s R-Code, title, use and block size, a better understanding of a property’s development potential as well as insights into the surrounding education facilities and community analytics,” he said.

Meanwhile, the property validation area assesses the built form by measuring how a subject property manages its power, water, liveability and materials usage.

Further to this, the app can investigate how well located the property is within a community, its connection to transport and nature.

The OurTowns app is now live
The OurTowns app is now live. Image supplied.

The community aspect of the service shows how different neighbouring suburbs can be, with the Community Analytics reports.

“For example, did you know that in Leederville a large percentage – 43.02% – of people rent their homes, whereas in Mt Hawthorn, renting isn’t as common with only 29.41% of people renting?” said Marc.

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