james bell century 21
Century 21’s new CEO, James Bell. Image: Century 21 Australia
  • Previously the Head of Network Services for the C21 network
  • Has 23 years of experience in the industry
  • In a statement he said he is optimistic about dealing with the challenges presented by Covid-19

Century 21 have announced James Bell as their new Chief Executive Officer.

With 23 years of industry experience, including a period as the Head of Network Services for the Century 21 network which was deemed successful by many stakeholders, Mr Bell is well known amongst his fellow peers.

He is known to have a hands-on approach which involves visiting many offices.

“I’ve invested much of my time with our offices to get a solid understanding of their front-line experiences. My belief is that the voice of franchisees should be represented in the decisions made to improve and scale the work they are doing,” said Mr Bell.

“We want to work collaboratively to help our principals, agents, property managers and ultimately the consumer reach their potential and have positive experiences when transacting real estate.”

The Chairman of Combined Franchise Services, Charles Tarbeym, is excited about Mr Bell’s appointment.

“I am extremely pleased to have James take on this pivotal role within our business. His fresh mindset and commitment to providing exceptional service to our franchisees will enable C21 to continue to grow and find greater success”.

Mr Bell is optimistic about the role despite challenges brought on by the pandemic

“In my experience, times of crisis allow businesses to return to the foundations and refocus on the consumer.”

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