Sydney auction rates Feb7
Sydney auctions and clearance, past year. Source – SQM Research
  • Sydney's auction clearance rate rose to 71.7%, the highest in a year
  • Canberra sold 76% of its auction properties prior or under the hammer
  • 738 properties were put up for auction in Melbourne; 61% sold

Final numbers are in for last week’s auctions, and Sydney took the crown this week with a final clearance rate of 71.7%, the highest rate in more than a year.

Of the 547 scheduled auctions in the harbour city, 203 were sold prior and another 189 under the hammer. 11 others were sold after.

On smaller numbers (75) an even higher percentage of auctions cleared in Canberra, 76% with 37 having been sold prior and 20 sold at auction.

ACT Auctions Feb7
Canberra Auctions, past year, Source – SQM Research

Over in Melbourne, 738 went up for auction, with 61% selling prior or at the auction itself. 23 others were sold after. On similar numbers, Melbourne’s clearance rate is also the highest for a year.

Melbourne Auctions, past year
Melbourne Auctions, past year, Source – SQM Research


  • Brisbane – 98 auctions, with 30% selling at auction
  • Adelaide – 93, with 42% selling
  • Perth – 21, with 5% selling
  • Darwin – 6, 1 of which sold at auction


Data: from SQM Research, with permission

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