Rob Neely said tradies are left $20B short annually. Image Supplied, with Canva background.
  • The app will be free for tradies and sub-contractors to use
  • Two years was spent on developing the app
  • Securely keeps payments from customers, which are then released when approved by the customer

Securely – a Queensland based Fintech startup – will launch its app in Perth this week, helping to counteract the $20 billion-a-year issue of tradies not being paid.

Free for tradies and sub-contractors to use, Securely is a secure customer payment gateway application that was founded by a group of investors and technical experts spearheaded by founder Rob Neely.

Mr Neely said the ultimate aim of Securley is to ensure that all tradies are consistently paid on time.

“We began working on the architecture of the software for this app just over two years ago. We set out to make the app as simple to use as using Airbnb or Uber, but what we found that whilst those apps are very simple for end users, the level of complexity behind the scenes is something we could never have imagined,” said Mr Neely.

“After two years and a couple of million dollars spent on the Research and Development, we finally have the app ready to use, and given what happened to tradies and subcontractors with the recent collapse of the Pindan Group we have decided to officially launch the App in Perth first, before the rest of the country.”

Rob Neely, Securley Founder

Once a quote is approved, the customer sends the funds to Securely which places the funds in safekeeping, before being released when permission is granted by the customer. Customers pay a service fee of 0.89% for the app.

Mr Neely said the business model took a lot of refining that involved focus groups of both tradies and customer to find a model benefiting both parties.

“Our app protects both the customer and the tradie and makes sure the job gets done right.

There is barely a week goes by that a current affairs program doesn’t air a dispute regarding a tradie not finishing a job or taking a deposit only never to be seen again, or a Customer that doesn’t have the money to pay for the job when it comes time for paying for the job.

Our new app will stop all of this.”

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