property whispers
The platform was launched in 2017. Image – Property Whispers.
  • The four year old platform has reached 100,000 property matches
  • Off-market sales make up 10-20% of all sold properties in Australia annually
  • Listings have increased by 138% in Sydney compared to the same week last year despite the lockdown

Property Whispers, an off-market property sales platform, has reached a milestone – 100,000 property matches.

The platform matches buyers with suitable off-market properties in their chosen area. ‘Off-market’ properties refer to those not publicly advertised, which account for approximately 10-20% of all real estate sold in Australia annually.

When it was launched back in 2017, it was the first of its kind in the world.

During the period between January and June 2021, properties listed on the platform grew by 108% compared to that of the same time last year.

“This result shows that buyers are very keen to register and use Property Whispers to get instantly matched and connected with properties for sale,” said co-founder Liane Fletcher.

“Property Whispers’ registered agents love using the platform as they are instantly matched and connected with buyers. By connected we mean that the agent instantly receives the contact details of all matching buyers and can start the sales conversation immediately.

Liane Fletcher, Property Whispers co-foudner

“There is no more waiting for buyers to make contact or waiting to see who comes to the next open for inspection.”

Ms Fetcher added that the platform had been “invaluable” during Sydney’s current lockdown.

During the past ten days, the platform has witnessed a 138% increase in the number of properties listed compared to the same time last year.

“With new stock low on the major advertising portals due to the current restrictions placed on open for inspections and public auctions, agents are introducing their vendors to the benefits of using direct-matching online, which Property Whispers offers.”

Hercules Argyros, Principal at LJ Hooker, Tully in Queensland, said the platform helped him sell a property in Birkalla, a very small rural town in Far North Queensland that is home to just 125 people.

“I only received one match for the property but that buyer loved it and bought the property. You just need one quality buyer to purchase a property and Property Whispers were able to deliver that buyer.”

In the future, Property Whispers plans to have a capital raising to add functionality and promote the platform more widely by focusing on how it can transform the buying and selling experience for all users.

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