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  • Partnership agreement signed between Openn Negotiation and RE/MAX
  • RE/MAX to adopt Openn as a sales method
  • Openn and RE/MAX platform integration 'well underway'

A fortnight ago, Openn Negotiation (ASX: OPN) started trading on the ASX. The first few days of trading saw the company perform well, and it has been trading above its IPO price of 20 cents ever since.

Launching in April 2017, the Openn platform allows real estate agents across Australia and New Zealand to run what it calls “transparent” property transactions.

Buyers interested in a property can register and make bids in a live auction-like environment. Rather than the real estate agent running between various buyers with competing offers, the information is all visible on the online platform.

The seller sits down with the real estate agent, watches the bidding action in real-time, much like an online auction.

Openn screenshots
Screenshots of the platform in action. Image – Openn prospectus, May 2021.

RE/MAX partnership

Today, the company announced it had signed a partnership agreement with real estate network RE/MAX Australia.

Openn said the arrangement will help grow the platform by supporting the adoption of Openn as a sales method. The growth will be through group agent training, along with a series of technical integrations with RE/MAX Australia’s own digital assets.

Chris Chapman, Re/MAX (left), Peter Gibbons of Openn (right). Image supplied.

Chris Chapman, RE/MAX Finance Director, said the company was delighted with the partnership and was looking forward to seeing the benefits of the Openn platform including increasing the levels of trust between property buyers and sellers.

The property data integration between the Openn and RE/MAX platforms is well underway, the company said.

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