Unios launch ‘Crafted in Australia’. Image: Unios
  • Unios announces new designation, 'Crafted in Australia'
  • The new labelling will appear on hand-assembled and fabricated products
  • The initiative is highlighting and celebrating Australia's craftsmanship

Australian lighting brand, Unios, is reaching new lights with their latest initiative, ‘Crafted in Australia’. The new label is highlighting their commitment to Australian design, engineering, customisation and fabrication.

The new designation appearing on specified products. Image: Unios

While all the brand’s products are designed and engineered locally in Australia. The new designation is for the hand-assembled and fabricated items.

Unios is reinventing many aspects of the industry. Australian craftsmanship has won a reputation and is highly regarded overseas.

This initiative will support and shine a light on local trades and building projects. The company is taking advantage of the expertise and skill that Australian offer as they

“Our localness makes us flexible and able to respond to project needs with a reduced lead time. We have launched ‘Crafted in Australia’ to assist our clients when specifying. The koala on the light icon designates lights that are fabricated or hand-assembled in Australia.”

Paley Ho, Unios General Manager

“Currently, there are 17 series, and we have aggressive plans in place to increase our local capabilities,” Mr Ho says.

“Growing the business has meant a clear vision and steady determination. I established Unios in Perth, and I intend to continue to build the company here. We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities, including R&D and fabrication.”

“Our warehouse has finished products and the componentry to fabricate and customise luminaire in as little as 10 days.”

Image: Unios

David Ho, the head of R&E says the business is always challenging the status quo.

“We work closely with our clients and partners to solve the challenges they face when it comes to lighting. It is really unique to be surrounded by such an innovative, caring and driven group of people. The industry has changed rapidly within the past 15 years and will continue to do so on numerous fronts.

“It is our responsibility to keep driving these innovations to deliver the best solutions we can to our clients and the occupants within the built space.”

David Ho, Unios Head of Research and Development

The hand-assembled products that ‘Crafted in Australia’ now appears on, undergo final customisation of a myriad of components in Australia. The fabricated products undergo a manufacturing process from either parts or raw materials to create a finished product. The Crafted in Australia designation appears on the individual product on the Unios Toolbox.

In less than 10 years, Unios has built a formidable brand in both the commercial and residential lighting industry. They boast an ongoing commitment to supporting local jobs and trades.

Unios’ Perth HQ spans over 6,000m2, including a research and development (R&E) hub for both engineering and design, a state-of-the-art fabrication facility, and one of Australia’s largest lighting inventories.


Disclosure: Unios are clients of Living Online.

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