Online auctions
Outside Sydney, auctions can be held in person. Image – Canva.
  • Auctions are up 17% nationally and 15% in Sydney
  • Melbourne accounts for more than half of the scheduled auctions
  • Adelaide and Melbourne also will experience increases, as their lockdowns end

Data from both Domain and CoreLogic has revealed that auction numbers have bounced back despite the Delta strain continuing its spread in Sydney and lockdown restrictions only ending this week for both Adelaide and Melbourne.

According to Domain, auction numbers nationally are up 17% compared to last week.

Even in Sydney, auctions have increased 15% despite being the only city currently banning on-street auctions. 580 online auctions are scheduled, which is 29% below the weekly average this year, although this excludes lockdowns, January and public holiday weeks.

Melbourne has seen auctions rise by 17% with 1,189 auctions, about 57% of all scheduled auctions across Australia.

Adelaide is scheduled to witness the biggest jump of auctions of the cities, up by 27%. This is set to be the second busiest auction week of the year for the South Australian capital.

Canberra auctions are up 20% to 83 scheduled auctions and up 12% in Brisbane with 109.

CoreLogic data correlates strongly with that of Domain.

Nationally, auction numbers are up 20% this week with a 23% jump in Sydney and an 18% rise for Melbourne.

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