Arena REIT

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32, 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Listed Property Funds (A-REITs)

Company News

End of week ASX wrap: 25 November 2022

Market closed 7,259.50 points today. The market is up 104.5 points for the week, or 1.5%.

Certainty of earnings attracting capital flows into alternative REITs

Valuation increases have been seen across various sectors, especially those in the non-discretionary retail, child and health care sectors

Arena REIT expects $102 million valuation uplift

The valuation uplift was driven by early learning centres, with $93 million coming from the portfolio

Arena REIT’s development pipeline increases to $122M

The company, which recently released its HY results, has over 245 early learning centres

Arena REIT announces results

Early learning and healthcare bodes well for Arena

Arena REIT renegotiates leases

Solar to power childcare