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Mortgage stress saw a consecutive decrease across Australia despite high interest rates

Australia’s interest rates are currently at an eye-watering 4.35%, but levels of mortgage stress eased throughout November.

Home building insurance and home loans top record-breaking AFCA complaints

The total of 102,790 complaints from consumers and small businesses was a 23% increase from 2022, an unsustainable metric says AFCA CEO.

Australians at risk of mortgage stress briefly dipped last month, but the mortgage relief might not last for long

Several factors were behind the dip.

Australians at risk of mortgage stress hits new record high

Nearly 1.5 million borrowers are now feeling the pinch.

Mortgage stress: 1.43 million Australians are at risk

Roy Morgan predicts that the number of Australians at risk of mortgage stress may reach GFC levels if interest rate hikes continue.

Home Loan Interest Rates: Variable and fixed rate gap narrows past pre-Covid levels

The gap was almost 1% at its widest in late 2020, and has since halved

Home loan interest rates soar to new highs, causing one in four Aussies to struggle

The number of Australians at risk of mortgage stress is closing in on GFC levels