best sydney suburbs for investment 2023
The best suburbs in Sydney were located up and down the west of the city. Image: Canva.
  • The best suburbs in Sydney were scattered up and down the west of Sydney.
  • Prices are forecast to rise by 3% to 6% by the end of this year.
  • However, the pace of growth has slowed since prices picked up earlier this year.

Suburbtrends has revealed the top Sydney suburbs, ranking them by desirability and investment potential.

The Sydney suburb rankings were created by whittling down an extensive list of Sydney locations, considering factors such as short and long-term price changes, the stock a suburb has, how long homes on the property market take to sell, vacancy rates, other rental trends, and affordability.

The list is further refined by looking into who owns their own home, the number of mortgagees, the impact of artificial intelligence, and SEIFA scores.

Top suburbs in Sydney 2023

  1. Green Valley
  2. Colyton
  3. Leumeah
  4. Oxley Park
  5. Ruse
  6. Kentlyn
  7. Hoxton Park
  8. Cranebrook
  9. Horningsea Park
  10. Carnes Hill
  11. Regentville
  12. Dean Park
  13. Currans Hill
  14. Glendinning
  15. Willmot
  16. Tregear
  17. Lethbridge Park
  18. Shalvey
  19. Emu Plains
  20. Pemulwuy

Sydney real estate market expected to surge

Recently released PropTrack forecasts show Sydney property prices are expected to grow by some margin, ranking only second to Perth.

The best suburbs in Sydney could be buoyed by the forecast of 3% to 6% price growth by the end of this year.

While growth is expected, prices may top out over the next year or so. CoreLogic‘s Home Value Index (HVI) found that while Sydney led the nation for the house price recovery, the latest rises have lost some steam; Sydney recorded a rise of 1.8% in May, while July’s rise was just 0.9%.

Top 20 suburbs in Sydney

Rank State Suburb From To Score
1 NSW Green Valley $820,000 $1,220,000 76.85
2 NSW Colyton $750,000 $850,000 73.97
3 NSW Leumeah $730,000 $840,000 73.84
4 NSW Oxley Park $750,000 $850,000 72.99
5 NSW Ruse $730,000 $840,000 72.67
6 NSW Kentlyn $730,000 $840,000 72.58
7 NSW Hoxton Park $879,000 $1,164,000 72.08
8 NSW Cranebrook $782,000 $945,000 71.84
9 NSW Horningsea Park $879,000 $1,164,000 71.41
10 NSW Carnes Hill $879,000 $1,164,000 70.86
11 NSW Regentville $850,000 $1,199,000 70.41
12 NSW Dean Park $792,000 $885,000 70.36
13 NSW Currans Hill $808,500 $930,000 69.33
14 NSW Glendenning $792,000 $885,000 69.26
15 NSW Willmot $615,000 $807,000 69.08
16 NSW Tregear $615,000 $807,000 68.87
17 NSW Lethbridge Park $615,000 $807,000 68.77
18 NSW Shalvey $615,000 $807,000 68.56
19 NSW Emu Plains $877,500 $1,130,000 68.03
20 NSW Pemulwuy $1,000,000 $1,275,000 67.33

Source: Suburbtrends.

“Scorecards are nuanced tools, considering multiple factors that contribute to a suburb’s attractiveness,” explained Suburbtrends founder, Kent Lardner.

“By examining price changes, supply and demand indicators, rental market dynamics, and affordability measures, we capture a comprehensive snapshot of each suburb’s investment potential. It’s about providing a comprehensive view rather than relying on a single variable.”

Green Valley

Located about an hour west of Sydney, Green Valley is the next suburb over from well-known population centres such as Liverpool, and other well-known locales like Casula, and Warwick Farm.

The suburb is served by the M7 and enjoys proximity and amenities from the surrounding suburbs, including Liverpool.

SQM Research data currently has around 90 homes on the market for the postcode 2168, which includes Green Valley.


Served by the M4 and Great Western Highway, Colyton is close to large population centres such as Penrith. The suburb also enjoys the amenities of nearby Rooty Hill and Mount Druitt, including hospitals, tertiary education, and more.

Stock levels for 2760, including Colyton, are around 144 properties, according to SQM data.

Renting in the suburb will set you back around $500 per week, with the price rising steeply post-Covid.


Just outside of Campbelltown, southwest of Sydney, the suburb of Leumeah likewise enjoys the amenity of nearby population centres.

Amenities include Western Sydney University, a hospital, several large shopping centres, The Australian Botanic Garden, and a golf course.

Oxley Park

Next door to Colyton, the suburb likewise shares many amenities with neighbouring Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill.


Next door to Leumeah, the suburb likewise shares many amenities with neighbouring Campbelltown.

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