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The return to Brisbane CBD has stagnated this year. Image – Canva.
  • Rate remained at 63% during April
  • Has been around 63%-64% so far this year
  • Calls to boost this level to benefit CBD retailers and hospitality industries

Data recently released by the Property Council of Australia (PCA) shows that while several CBDs across Australia recorded growth in their respective office occupancy levels, Brisbanes remained flat during April.

The staggered 63% rate marks the fifth consecutive month of little movement in the return to workplaces in Brisbane’s CBD.

Jen Williams, the Queensland Deputy Executive Director of the PCA said that while workplace flexibility will remain prevalent, there Is still a long way until the Brisbane CBD reaches a new ‘normal’ level of occupancy.

“Activity levels in Brisbane’s office buildings not only affect workplaces and office landlords, but the thousands of small businesses and retailers that rely on high levels of foot traffic to turn a profit,” said Ms Williams.

“All businesses in the CBD are interrelated and largely reliant on office workers. From dry cleaners, to take away outlets, to electronic scooter companies, everyone relies on the consistent foot traffic that workers generate.”

Jen Williams, Queensland Deputy Executive Director PCA

Ms Williams added that Brisbane needed to “break the habits of COVID” to bring colleagues back together, noting that Google and Apple have announced major return to the office plans pending a successful vaccine rollout.

“This is why the Property Council is working with Brisbane City Council on a campaign to not only attract workers back into the office, but to ensure they make the most of what local retailers, cafes, restaurants, and bars have to offer,” he said.

“The State Government and Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Holiday Dollars initiative is welcome recognition of the important role the CBD plays in contributing to the broader state and economy.”

Jen Williams, Queensland Deputy Executive Director PCA

Ms Williams concluded by remarking that The Property Council is keen to work across all levels of government and industry in order to revitalise the Brisbane CBD.

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