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The NT Gov committed to developing the public housing site in the last election. Image – Canva.
  • Moulden complex is notorious for anti-social behaviour
  • Complex is beyond economic life, according to the Territory Government
  • Government says head lease dwellings in The Narrows will offset the complex being demolished

The Northern Territory Government has announced it will redevelop a public housing complex 25 kilometres south-east of the Darwin CBD.

Demolition of the Davoren Circuit and Bonson Terrace public housing complex will occur by May when all tenants have been re-housed. Tenders will be released shortly.

The Territory Government said 30 new social housing head lease dwellings in The Narrows offset the temporary reduction in public housing dwellings.

The complex, which is 35 years old, is beyond its economic life and has been notorious for anti-social behaviour.

A seven-year resident at one of the units told ABC News that living at the complex was “hell” adding there were fights most nights, although he did mention several “problem” tenants have since moved.

Moulden, which is on the outskirts of Darwin in Palmerston, has one of the highest public housing concentration rates in the Territory and the Territory Government is hopeful de-densification will improve anti-social behaviour in the area.

Kate Worden, the Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing, says it is important for the government to re-evaluate public housing assets, citing the flats at Daveron as a good example.

“As this area has seen an increase in antisocial behaviour over time, the demolition of these flats has an added social and community benefit.

“We are not leaving any of our residents homeless, they will be placed in alternate public housing dwellings in accordance with public housing policy.

“In consultation with the local community we will investigate potential redevelopment opportunities for longer term use of the site.”

Kate Worden, Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing

Eva Lowler, who is the local Member for Drysdale, said having been aware of the issues in the area for some time, she is now honouring an election commitment.

“As the Member for Drysdale, I have ongoing complaints about the antisocial behaviour at the public housing units on Davoren Circuit from neighbours of the complex, sporting groups who utilise the oval across the road, community members, families and staff at the school.”

“This was an election commitment of mine to our community and I will continue to deliver for the people of Drysdale to make Palmerston the family capital of the Territory.”

Eva Lowler, Member for Drysdale

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