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Jim Miller (L) of Infrastructure Victoria and Danni Hunter (R) of the Property Council. Image – LinkedIn and Canva.
  • Strategy was conceived by the independent Infrastructure Victoria body
  • Includes 94 recommendations
  • Has the support of the Property Council

The release of Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year strategy has been welcomed by the Property Council of Australia (PCA), who believe it will help to kickstart the state’s economic recovery post-covid.

Among the strategy are 94 recommendations by Victoria’s independent advisory body on infrastructure planning, which focus strongly on energy transition, land use integration, infrastructure in growing communities and regional Victoria.

Victoria’s new infrastructure strategy makes recommendations about future decisions – and how to maximise the benefits of existing government commitments, said Jim Miller, chair of the Infrastructure Victoria Board.

“A good infrastructure strategy is more than a wish list of projects. More than half our recommendations are for policy changes and reforms to reduce the pressure on the infrastructure we already have, without a sod being turned.”

Jim Miller, Infrastructure Victoria

Danni Hunter, Victorian Executive Director of the Property Council has congratulated Infrastructure Victoria on this strategy, noting it aligns with their submission to the draft strategy earlier in the year.

“The Victorian economy continues to feel the impact of COVID and this strategy provides an important roadmap as we look to kickstart our economic recovery as the vaccine rates increase and we eventually start to open up again,” she said.

Ms Hunter added that the recovery and future development of the state’s cities and regions needs to be planned so the appropriate infrastructure investments and jobs are created.

“The pandemic has changed the way we live and work and get around, and some of these changes will stay long after the crisis has passed,” she said.

“Infrastructure Victoria’s strategy will guide the discussion, debate, and policy decisions necessary to determine what the coming decades of growth will look like for Victoria’s cities, regions and communities.

“In particular we welcome the recommendations on infrastructure contributions reform and a better land use strategy which will help accelerate much needed growth to power Victoria’s economic recovery and future.”

Danni Hunter, Property Council Victoria

The strategy focuses on five core themes:

  • Energy transition and efficiency
  • Integrating land use with infrastructure planning
  • Social and affordable housing
  • Infrastructure contributions system reform
  • Freight infrastructure

“The strategy contains sensible recommendations that recognise the Government’s already large infrastructure delivery pipeline, as well as the financial constraints caused by the pandemic, ensuring a focus on using what we have in a smarter and more effective way,” concluded Ms Hunter.

The Victorian government has twelve months to respond to the strategy.

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