construction site
After being banned a few weeks ago, construction work can now resume in most areas. Image – Canva.
  • Construction work will be allowed to resume across most of Sydney tomorrow
  • Police have the power to shut shut down sites not following guidelines
  • Property Council welcomes the announcement

After being shuttered a few weeks ago, construction sites will reopen across most of Greater Sydney tomorrow, except for eight local government areas deemed at a higher risk.

While welcoming the reopening of sites, which the Property Council (PCA) advocated for, Acting NSW Executive Lauren Conceciaco has implored workers to follow the new guidelines.

“It’s fantastic news that construction work can go ahead outside of those eight LGA’s and that thousands of jobs will be saved, but it was imperative the industry follow the strict new health measures,” Ms Conceicao said.

“We are confident that the vast majority of those operating from Saturday will adhere, as no one enjoys the stress of being out of work.

Lauren Conceicao, Property Council NSW

The eight local government areas where construction remains prohibited include Fairfield, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Liverpool, Cumberland, Blacktown, Parramatta and Georges River.

Ms Conceicao added the guidelines include on-site trade limits to contactless deliveries, and that police have the power to shut down any site not adhering to the new rules.

“There are now limits on the trades on-site to one at any time, caps on the number of sites visited by a tradesperson in any week to five sites and contactless deliveries and invoicing where practicable.”

Noting that construction is a vital part of the economy, Ms Conceicao said that given construction was able to occur during Victoria’s long second lockdown – and also during the recent Delta lockdown – it is capable of occurring in New South Wales.

“The industry supports the additional health measures announced, which should give the people confidence that taking this action will not present an unacceptable health risk to the community,” she said.

“The Property Council has been working extremely closely with the NSW Government to ensure that the construction industry was able to restart this weekend.

“We thank the NSW Premier and her Government for their collaborative approach to get to this safe reopening of the construction industry keeping almost 350,000 jobs afloat.”

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