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  • New technology partnership between Brainbox AI and Skyfii (ASX: SKF)
  • Artificial intelligence used to create efficient heating and cooling
  • AMP Capital first company to use in Australia and Asia-Pacific

Canadian company Brainbox AI recently announced a partnership with ASX listed Skyfii (ASX: SKF), sharing data from across the Asia-Pacific region to improve building efficiency.

The technology

Brainbox AI, based in Montreal, Canada, is a company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enable autonomous heating and cooling in a building.

The company is said to combine deep learning and cloud-based computing to support a 24/7 self-operating building.

Aiming to reduce costs and inefficiencies, the company said the system enables what is called HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), to run at 25% less total energy cost and 20-40% smaller carbon footprint.

Teaming up with leading Asia-Pacific data intelligence company Skyfii was a move that Brainbox said would help rapidly optimise systems.

“Artificial intelligence is powered by high quality data; the more data an engine such as BrainBox AI’s can receive, the more precise it will be in the actions it takes to save energy and improve occupant comfort,”

Jean-Simon Venne, Chief Technology Officer, Brainbox AI

The artificial intelligence systems take information from both existing local data like building management systems and access control systems, through to third party sources which the company said includes weather and utility tariff structures.

AMP Capital deploys tech

In October last year, AMP Capital announced it would use the technology across its real estate portfolio. The company also has deployed the Skyfii visitor intelligence technology in its retail facilities.

“AMP Capital is consistently looking to improve our customer experience, reduce building operating costs, and decrease emissions across our portfolio,”

Daniel Lepore, Head of Asset Technology at AMP Capital

Mr Lepore also said the integration will help “drive those efforts further and we’re proud to be the first portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region to benefit.”

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