The building’s colours and front lawn draw inspiration from Parliament House Canberra. Image Supplied – First National.
  • Construction began on the Red Cliffs property just months after the New Parliament House was opened in 1988
  • Most of the first floor is four metres below ground level
  • Expected to sell for over $1.1M

A unique Mildura property that bears a strong resemblance to Parliament House in Canberra has been listed on the market.

85 Johns Road, Red Cliffs, adjacent to Woorlong Wetlands, features a unique design with white buildings and sloped lawns based on Parliament House.

In addition, most of the first level’s living spaces are four metres below ground level, which owner Jocelyn Rawlins, said allows for maximum energy efficiency while embracing the local environment.

“With wetlands vistas against the backdrop of the Murray River, we wanted our architect to embrace the extraordinary 4.2-acre landscape the home inhabits, while creating maximum energy efficiency,” said Ms Rawlins.

mildura aerial
Image – First National

“The result is a unique home that manages the extremes of summer and winter, while maintaining near constant temperatures year-round internally. We’ve enjoyed living within its light filled spaces and watching the landscape evolve over time.”

Jocelyn Rowlins, owner

side lawn
Image – First National

Arguably, the most notable feature of the property is the expansive lawn inspired by the ten hectares of lawn on the $1.1 billion Parliament House.  While the owners of the Mildura can enjoy rolling down their lawn, the same pastime in Canberra has not been allowed since 2017 due to security reasons.

Until then, it was the only parliament in the world whereby constituents could literally ‘walk over’ their lawmakers.

interior mildura
Image – First National

Ms Rawlins said the first sod of soil was turned just three months after the New Parliament House was opened by Queen Elizabeth II back in May 1988. Selling agent Tim Davey of First National Real Estate Collie & Tierney added that such a unique architect-designed residence was rare to find in an area such as Mildura.

“The north east aspect and Australian native garden, shedding that could support a wide range of interests and its distinctively Australian outlook is what sets this property apart from other local acreages”

Tim Davey, First National

The property is currently seeking expressions of interest between $1,100,000 and $1,210,000.

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