3d printed school in madagascar africa
Photo – thinking huts. A 3D-printed school in Madagascar is on the cards to help bring education to everyone.
  • Green housing is in vogue, Federation Square Melbourne home to a demonstration home
  • The Melbourne house is claimed to be zero-waste, and creates its own food and energy
  • A Madagascan school has been proposed by not-for-profit thinking huts, as a 3D printed project

Tackling sustainability has become the raison d’être for many people, with the number of solutions bearing the same answer to how long is a piece of string?

Some have chosen solar panels, with so many choosing the option in New South Wales that SafeWork said they “upped their inspection game”, The Property Tribune reported.

UNSW has also made headlines recently, making waves with research into recycling and using waste materials in construction. The Property Tribune reported in January, UNSW developed road construction materials from waste plastics.

More recently, the University partnered with Mirvac to build an apartment in Sydney Olympic Park which featured many components from floor tiles to furniture made from recycled materials.

3d printed school top down view in africa madagascar
Photo – thinking huts. Not for profit organisation thinking huts is addressing the lack of access to education by creating specially designed schools.

Over in the centre of Melbourne, and no more central than Federation Square, a “closed-loop home and urban farm” opened.

What’s been reported as a “self-sustaining house”, the property tackles the sustainability issue from every angle, including food production through to creating its own green energy.

futurefoodsystem, the organisation behind the build, have considered every minute detail, even the container transporting materials to the site was converted into a water tank.

classroom in africa madagascar
Photo – thinking huts. The classrooms take design and pattern cues from local cultures. The design is claimed to be infinitely expandable.

In Africa, dezeen recently reported a 3D-printed school was being designed for a not-for-profit organisation. Thinking Huts, the NFP behind the project, hopes to increase access to education by building these economical designs.

The design reflects the locale, adopting local artistic patterns, as well as reflecting a number of architectural cues and practical design considerations, 3D-printers may be great but still have their restrictions.

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