two people office masks
The 50 per cent office cap applies to both public and private sector office workers. Image: Maxime, Unsplash
  • Inspections and auctions can occur with density quotas
  • 50 per cent office cap will apply
  • Retail and entrainment can resume with some rules on capacity

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew has announced the five-day lockdown will be lifted tonight at 11:59 PM as scheduled, citing the Holiday Inn cluster as now being under control.

So, what does this mean in terms of property?

Firstly, most restrictions will be returned to pre-12 February rules, however, there are some notable exceptions.

In terms of real estate inspections and auctions,  the rules revert to pre-12 February restrictions whereby 1 person per 2sqm is permitted if there is electronic record keeping.

If not, the density rule of 1 person per 4sqm applies.

For work, employees can return. On-site office work for both public and private sectors will revert to the 50% cap – it is likely it will be some time before this is lifted to 75 per cent which was due to occur early last week before the Holiday Inn cluster delayed this.

Same as before, all workplaces with onsite workers require a COVIDSafe plan.

However, only five visitors can visit a home per day – this excludes infants under 12 months old but front and backyards are considered a part of the home under this definition.

Masks must be worn when inside, except for a residential home, and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be achieved.

Entertainment venues will not also return to pre-Feb 12 restrictions with a 50% cap in indoor spaces for a maximum of 300 per space whilst following density quotas.

Retail will revert back to the pre-lockdown quota of 1 per 2sqm density with record-keeping where practicable.

In a statement, Mr Andrews thanked fellow Victorians for there patience over the past five days.

“It hasn’t been easy or straightforward. In fact, for those Victorians who are part of our health response, it’s been bloody hard work,” said Mr Andrews

“Because of you, we’ve been able to track, trace and corner this mutant and more infectious strain of the virus.

“It also means we’re able to ease most of the restrictions, getting us back to our COVIDSafe Summer.”

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