Sydney rental vacancies lowest in three years

The NSW rental market has been hit hard by lockdowns

Rental affordability improves

By contrast, housing affordability worsens nationally

Vacancy rate remains at 1.6% low

Low rate reflects the high demand for rentals

Informal tenancies and tech exacerbate rental discrimination

Renting informally may result in poor housing conditions

Call for minimum standards to keep renters healthy and safe

75 organisations signed an open to letter to government ministers

Landlords must educate themselves about NSW support

REINSW has criticised the package’s admin burden

Rental Management Australia introduces mental health awareness program

REIV estimates 30% of the industry have left due to stress levels

Why do landlords still get nervous about pets?

Humans cause far more damage that pets

Rental vacancy rates fall in Sydney and most regional NSW areas

The third consecutive month the rate has fallen in Sydney