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Australian building costs have continued to soar, but has your insurance cover kept pace?

MCG Quantity Surveyors analysis found underinsurance could cost homeowners over $100K to replace a property, with the issue even more profound in the commercial property sector.

Perth property market: The definitive guide to buying a modular home

Modular homes, misunderstood as inferior, offer efficient, durable alternatives to traditional construction methods.

Australian rental market clocks in a near-40% price growth, while wages struggle to keep up

Rents soared by almost 40% across the pandemic, while wages barely clocked in 20% growth.

Should the Federal Government dump negative gearing and CGT discounts? Expert says, “Not so fast.”

Expert argues that calls to limit negative gearing and CGT concessions are misguided, and doing so will exacerbate the housing crisis.

Key property market challenges from 2023 to persist next year

Constricted supply casts a long shadow over 2024.

Building a new home in Australia remains more expensive than buying one, a trend that will likely follow into 2024

Despite a 20% house price increase, construction costs in Perth grew by 40%, steering investors toward established homes.

WA has emerged as a property investment hub, and why that’s a good thing

Eastern investors chase Perth’s affordability, doubling the distance between home and investment in 2023, reveals MCG research.

Here are Australia’s top 20 investment suburbs, as revealed through rent price gaps

Western Australia dominates the top 20 investment suburbs, with notable rent gaps and high investor scores.

Western Australian property market the top pick for property investors across the country

WA property investment surges from 9% to 32% in 2023, overtaking eastern states in popularity among investors.

Current rental crisis solutions “disconnected from reality” expert says

Mike Mortlock said the crisis is a result of landlords exiting the market. ABS data shows investor housing loans have fallen 23.2% in a year.