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Demand for solar panels is high nationally, raising concerns about safety standards. Image – Canva
  • More Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEIs) have been announced
  • Nationally, demand has risen significantly for solar
  • All solar installations must be inspected by an LEI before being switched on

The Victorian Government has issued a warning to solar installers by announcing it has boosted the number of specialised solar safety inspectors.

SafeWork NSW also announced a similar warning to solar panel installers last month.

More Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEIs) will reduce the amount of time it takes to get solar panels operating, according to the State Government.

The news comes as there is record demand for solar installations across not just Victoria, but the whole of Australia.

Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister for Solar Homes, announced a new training program, that falls under a broader $11 million training initiative. She says this will ensure workers and households remain safe while the sector enjoys record demand.

“We are making sure that safety is at the heart of how solar businesses operate in Victoria. These inspectors will ensure that Victoria leads the country in the safety of solar systems.”

Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Solar Homes

A request for tender was recently released by Solar Victoria to develop training modules that are designed to upskill electricians, which it hopes will result in more pathways for LEIs.

Under 2019 Electrical Safety Regulations, all solar installations that take place in Victoria must be inspected by an LEI before being switched on.

Safe Victoria in conjunction with regulatory partner Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is currently in dialogue with multiple stakeholders in the industry regarding attracting new LEIs to the solar industry.

Stan Krpan, Solar Victoria CEO, is optimistic the training will strengthen safety standards.

“Licensed Electrical Inspectors are an important feature of our solar safety framework, and this training will lead to further improvements in safety and compliance.”

Stan Krpan, Solar Victoria CEO

Marnie Williams, Commissioner of Energy Safe Victoria agrees.

“We are strengthening our support to LEIs to ensure they continue to deliver best practice safety outcomes,” said Ms Williams.

ESV will develop the training whilst facilitating greater technical support for both installers and LEIs.

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