crocodile park
The property covers 889.65 hectares. Image – Colliers and Canva.
  • Currently home to a crocodile egg harvesting operation
  • Property features a 1,600 metre runway
  • In a previous life, the property was both a crocodile and barramundi breeding facility

Several buyers are hoping to snap up a North Queensland crocodile egg farm located 242 kilometres northwest of Cairns.

Harvest Home Station, which is located at 4684 Mulligan Highway in Lakeland is currently a crocodile egg harvesting enterprise but in a previous life was both a crocodile and barramundi breeding facility.

Additionally, cattle farming operations were also run on the balance land.

The sale includes all infrastructure utilised in the current and previous aquaculture and farming ventures. The land is approximately 889.65 hectares.

The property includes housing/accommodation along with workshop areas and amenities. Several other residential accommodations catering for staff and manager quarters and workers amenities. Powered workshops and storage sheds are also located around the main farming facilities.

harvest home view
View of the station. Image – Colliers.

There is also a rural airstrip towards the entrance of the property which is 1,600 metres long – thank god crocodiles can’t fly.

Future owners can continue the current operations or potentially capitalise on the tourism sector, subject to the necessary approvals.

“The scope of the property, existing infrastructure, layout and positioning against the East Normandy River has the potential to create a unique tourist attraction incorporating on-site camping, fishing, 4-wheel driving and other recreation ventures, making a unique experience for its visitors.” 

Colliers property listing

A current occupant of the property. Image – Colliers.

The sale is being conducted by Stacey Quaid of Colliers – Cairns.

Records show the property was sold for $919,999 back in January 2013

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