jumping on couch like tom cruise
Source: Canva
  • Italian designer created couch out of 10,000 single-use face masks
  • Virtual furniture collection fetches whopping $450,000 at auction
  • Aussies list furniture as part of their top ten premium brands

Couch-19: Masking the plastic problem

Wondered where your single-use facemasks end up?

One Italian designer has called attention to the waste generated by the pandemic in an ironically laid back way: a couch.

Made with over 10,000 used face masks, architectural magazine dezeen reported the plastic problem associated with the masks is “only the tip of the iceberg”, the masks taking some 450 years to breakdown; even then it becomes a “microplastic and [is] ingested by marine life”.

The sofa is quite the sight, the designer said he stored the masks in a sealed bag for a month before disinfecting them further to ensure no amount of the virus was left.

couch made out of covid 19 facemasks
Source: Atelier Tobia Zambotti

Audi’s and armoires, that’s what Aussies want

Market research by Roy Morgan recently surveyed Australian’s about what they’re favourite brands are.

The premium brands favourited by Aussies from the east to west don’t include the names you’d expect like Rolls Royce, Cartier or even Mercedes Benz.

In the top ten, Roy Morgan reported the favourite brands were:

  1. American Express
  2. Vintage Cellars
  3. Qantas
  4. Harris Farm Markets
  5. Audi
  6. David Jones
  7. UniSuper
  8. Lexus
  9. Freedom
  10. Ikea

In the top ten, two furniture and interiors companies made their mark, Aussies preferring to fill their homes with modern chic designs, or Swedish minamilism.

Virtual workspaces call for virtual furniture… $450,000 of it

Thought the world lost it when they hit stores to panic buy toilet paper?

Think again!

Barcelona-based designer Andres Reisinger sold a whole collection of furniture over the weekend to the tune of $450,000 – the catch? You can’t use it in real life.

Ten pieces went in under ten minutes, the abstract pieces made available to those who wish to use them in online gaming universes like Minecraft.

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