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How to pick the top home security installer in Melbourne

Should I install a home security system?

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that during the last financial year over 400,000 break-in events occurred, equating to around 4.3% of all Australian households.

Of these break-ins, over two-thirds resulted in thefts of personal belongings, with just over a tenth (11.8%) resulting in direct confrontations with the perpetrator.

Given all of this, how does a household protect against thefts?

The most common method employed by Australians was, by far, the act of locking doors and windows, according to a Budget Direct survey.

After this, the methods used were quite mixed. Those surveyed cited “having gates and fences” around their property and not leaving a spare key outside as their other security measures.

Having security cameras and alarm systems were only used by around a third of respondents.

This is despite the Australian Institute of Criminology arguing that crime rates decrease when there is an increased presence of security cameras.

This, in coexistence with the fact burglaries are less likely to occur when someone is home, reiterates the importance of a home security system.

While this can be a do-it-yourself project – after all many hardware and electronic retail stores sell CCTV cameras – to install an alarm and get professional advice, it is best to choose a home security installer.

These professionals are highly experienced in their field and can offer a full security audit-design-installation service.

It is also important to make sure a security equipment installer does not just have the appropriate cabling licence, but also they are registered with the Victorian Police.