Photo courtesy of Rotary Elizabeth Quay.
  • Sandy Anghie is the Deputy Lord Mayor for the City of Perth
  • Many board roles reflect a heart for creativity
  • “In taking on leadership roles, I think it’s important to be authentic.”

As we found out in part one of this interview series with Sandy Anghie, she has a curriculum vitae like few other architects: Deputy Lord Mayor for the City of Perth, Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter Councillor, and Editor for The Architect magazine.

She was previously a Board Member and Project Manager for Historic Heart of Perth, and Board Member for the West Australian Ballet and the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

A heart of creativity

“I love the creative part of architecture,” Ms Anghie told The Property Tribune, adding that was why she went into residential architecture.

That heart for creativity was evident in the choice of boards she has participated in; her first board role was in 2011 with Mosman Park Arts Foundation. She went on to serve on the board of the West Australian Ballet as well.

2021-02 CoP Chinese New Year
Representing the City of Perth at 2021 Chinese New Year. Photo by Scott Simpson, City of Perth.

“It seems like an eclectic group of board roles, but they are all about the creative sector and community.”

“My involvement in a number of not-for-profit organisations over the past decade has changed my perspective. I am purpose-driven. For me, it’s not about climbing the corporate ladder but making a difference in the community.”

A recipe for authenticity

2021-09 Women in Leadership 04
Panel discussion in September 2021. Photos courtesy of Rotary Elizabeth Quay.

“In taking on leadership roles, I think it’s important to be authentic,” Ms Anghie told The Property Tribune.

The proof of the pudding is in the campaigning, when running for the City of Perth last year.

“I made the conscious decision that I didn’t want to use a campaign manager, I wrote my platform on my own, what I said was what I truly believed in, based on feedback from the community, and my own studies and experience,” she said.

Ms Anghie also spoke about issues such as gender equality, noting “I think men and women have different styles. I think it’s important to be yourself, and be authentic, not be a person that you think others want you to be.”

Running for council

“I learned a lot about the city and the City of Perth as an organisation through my work on the Historic Heart project, and this is what led me to run for Council,” Ms Anghie said.

From that, there were three key themes that she took to the campaign trail: enhancing the character of the city’s neighbourhoods, better use of the City’s resources and finances, and helping people experiencing homelessness.

2021-08 CoP ShelterWA
Shelter WA discussion, August 2021. Photo courtesy of Shelter WA.

Ms Anghie said the most important issue was the third, taking the idea of “Safe Night Spaces” onto the campaign trail. Safe night spaces for women is now a reality in the City of Perth, something Ms Anghie is particularly proud of.

“While acknowledging that responsibility for funding homeless services is primarily the responsibility of the State and Federal Governments, I believe the community is looking for the City to show leadership and to provide practical interim solutions.  The City’s Safe Night Space for women is a step in the right direction,” Ms Anghie said.

Creating a more distinct and marketable image for Perth was very much the crux of the first point and as it turned out, very much the spirit of the second key issue too, both of which will be explored in the third part of this series.

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